What we did

(and why we did it)

The Foundation for Education Development (FED)

January 2019 (ongoing)


Marketing, Creative

The brief

The FED came to us with an idea, to create a long-term vision and plan for education across the country, providing a neutral space for policy influencers from education, business, politics and beyond to shape the future.

Aligned with Strategi’s involvement in the construction and delivery of a bespoke website, it was our job to create a fully integrated marketing plan to get them the awareness and support to make this happen.

Our approach

By utilising both traditional and digital forms of marketing and PR and working closely alongside the Creative team, we implemented a social media strategy to directly target the intended audience, with the aim of creating advocates and active supporters of the Foundation’s goals.

Alongside this, we created a content plan that drove traffic to their website, working alongside the client to create engaging and interesting blog posts, increasing website visitation and thus involvement with the foundation.

The result

Over the past year, the FED has grown into a nationally recognised foundation with links to and support from influential figures across business, politics, and the education sector.

We continue to work together to grow their awareness and following, remaining confident that their intentions will gain enough attention to influence education policy in the near future.

Take a look...

FED Logo

We helped to drive traffic to their website, engage new and current users with interesting blog posts and overall helped FED to create advocates and active supporters of the Foundation.

FED Case Study 2
Foundation for Education Development
FED Case Study
FED Leaflet