Why Thoughtful Marketing Is Your Best Tool For 2021

March 14, 2021

Wouldn’t it be great if we could stay subscribed and connected to the brands we love, but if we could avoid thoughtless, potentially damaging marketing?

Mother’s Day is coming up and we’ve all been inundated with emails promoting cards and gifts to demonstrate that you care. But what if you don’t celebrate this day? What if in fact, you try to do everything that you can to avoid this day for your own Mental Health, but because you’re signed up to receive promotional emails you’ve had no escape – this is where Thoughtful Marketing comes into play.

What is it?

Online florist Bloom & Wild launched opt-out Mothers Day emails in 2019, growing into what is now known as the Thoughtful Marketing Movement in 2021.

This movement is an effort to make marketing outputs more thoughtful, seeing customers and clients as real people who have feelings, rather than a click through rate on their most recent email campaign, or an impression on a social media post.

The reaction was overwhelming when first deployed, with customers able to pick and choose what campaigns they could and couldn’t see from the brand ultimately putting their customers wants and needs first, something which is universally difficult to achieve online.


The Growth

As other companies quickly jumped on the bandwagon (no shame here!), it became apparent that listening to your clients and customers is the key to having impact.

The Thoughtful Marketing Movement shows customers that you are real people, something which is even more challenging to demonstrate now than ever before – thank you global pandemic! In the digital world, sensitivity and understanding can go a long way, and so the movement cemented itself in the world of marketing for good.

When you treat your customers the same way that you would treat your friends good things happen (well, in most cases). A relationship is formed based off real emotions, and surely that is all that any marketeer has ever dreamed of? We for sure can back that.

How your business can be more thoughtful

Marketing in uncertain times *shudders at the phrase for the nth time* is really hard, but there’s so many ways that you can deploy thoughtful marketing to capture your audience.

Why not incentivise your clients to support the wider community by shopping or working with you?

Whether this be donating a % of profits to an organisation of choice, offering discounts for certain groups or asking clients to be involved in fund raising, it demonstrates that you care. And people like people who care. HUGE tick!


Tailoring your content

If we’ve learnt anything the past year its that things don’t always go as plan. As a marketeer you need to be ready to tailor your content and messaging to be more thoughtful. These last minute changes can prove stressful for you as a team, but it will help reduce anxiety of those consuming your messages, ensuring that they remain positive towards your business.

It’s easy to forget that whatever is making you feel good right now, is probably making everyone else feel good too, so jump on that.

It’s time to get real…

In most cases, honesty is the best policy. Sometimes as businesses we have to drop the act and get real. What has impacted your business and your team this past year? Could anyone else have experienced these things too? The answer is more than likely, so talk about it. Your audience will welcome some necessary realness with open arms.


The point is, whether you’re Bloom and Wild, Strategi Solutions or anyone in between, caring for your customers should always be a priority and your marketing activity should represent that. Weirder things have happened than being mates with your clients (cite the entire of 2020), but we’re not telling you that grabbing a pint and having a chat is the right thing to do, although that would be GREAT right now, being honest and showing that you care whether that be through your social media, email campaigns or ads should do the job.

But, of course, beer gardens and sunshine are always welcomed.

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If we’ve learnt anything the past year its that things don’t always go as plan. As a marketeer you need to be ready to tailor your content and messaging to be more thoughtful

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