What a marketer can learn from Emily in Paris

January 12, 2022

Erin Hill

Emily In Paris - The Netflix show that every Marketing Executive in the WORLD is talking about, or so it feels like.

Aside from the bold fashion choices, poorly spoken French and a highly attractive cast list, as a 20-something woman working in marketing, I couldn’t help but compare myself, and my ability to that of Emily.

Savoir does bear some similarity to Strategi – we all get stuck into projects together, we often eat lunch together, we even have the big ideas that push our clients out of their comfort zone, so as I lay in my cheese induced slump in between Christmas and New Year, 5 hours deep into Emily in Paris binge, I wondered why I hadn’t managed to make every campaign I have ever thought of go viral like that of Emily. Or at least viral-ish.

In an attempt to prevent me from wallowing in my own self pity any longer, I reminded myself of a few important factors, and I am, in turn reminding you of those factors, now cue Baz Lurham, ‘Everybody Is Free To Wear Sunscreen’ for dramatic effect

  • Without stating the obvious, it is highly unlikely that every single campaign you think of will go viral, or is even designed to. Some organisations don’t want worldwide fame, they just want to be recognised as being the best in their industry sector, and creating campaigns and deploying tactics to help achieve that goal is actually OK. Focusing on different techniques to get your client seen by their target audience is far more important than getting the team to create a TikTok just because that’s what everyone else is doing. You get me?
  • In a world where there is often no time for a robust (and sometimes time-consuming) approval process, mistakes happen. We’re all for reactive content over here but spelling mistakes and general mishaps will inevitably rear their ugly head, especially in the absence of some basic checking processes. I can’t quite imagine going as rogue as Emily does without there being a serious impact, a major backlash or just a ticking off for those annoying mistakes that could have been avoided. Although we strive for perfection, to error is human – thankfully errors on digital platforms and social media are fixable as quickly as they are posted (as Emily discovers). Print however is another matter entirely!
  • Not every single day at the office is going to be ground breaking. Sometimes it’s going to be writing blog posts, creating social media content, conducting market research and drafting those never-ending reports (not quite sure when Emily does any of those things!), but these are what give your client the confidence that they’ve chosen the right people to work with. Your boundless passion and enthusiasm is all very well, but the bottom line is that you and your team are accountable for your client’s future success. Come to think of it, did Emily ever have a target to work towards?

Anyway, the point is that even when it feels like you’re just doing your job, you’re DOING your job. Processes, spelling mistakes and all. I love Emily and her giddy personality, her cutting edge ideas and six inch heels, but I’m a little bit more of a jeans and trainers girl and I’m happy to follow my processes, focus on what’s best for my clients and helping them to achieve their goals.

So, when’s Season 3?

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"Not every single day at the office is going to be ground breaking... but these are what give your client the confidence that they've chosen the right people to work with."

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